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Abigail Herrera is a licensed real estate agent with the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty Landmark II. As a sales agent on the team, Abigail is responsible for ensuring that every customer and client she works with receives the superior level of service they deserve. Abigail understands that buying & selling real estate is one of the most significant decisions people ever make and as a result, she takes her role very seriously. If you ever have a chance to meet Abi, the first thing you’ll notice is how energetic and happy she is. She will make you feel like she’s known you for years, and by the wnd of your conversation, she’ll probably want to hug you. She is appropriately nicknamed our “Chief Energy Officer” for this reason. Rest assured, if you decide to work with Abigail, you’ll be in good hands, with an agent who cares!


Abigail has experience with all types of real estate in Queens, however her specialty is in the residential market. As a listing specialist, most of her clientele are homeowners and home sellers. As for areas, Abigail has knowledge of all Queens neighborhoods and has actually sold properties in almost every single section of Queens.

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Work History

Abigail entered the real estate industry in 2010 after working in the customer service industry for over 15 years. Her last occupation prior to real estate was an Executive Assistant to the President of a lighting and architectural firm. As an executive assistant, Abigail was responsible for handling incoming calls, coordinating appointments, managing daily operations, and assisting the president with a variety of task related to running the company. This past work experience along with the fact that Abigail has lived in Queens since 2008, has benefited her clients tremendously because Abigail is not only familiar with the borough, but also very familiar with the various sub-sections and micro neighborhoods in Queens. Her customer service experience shines through in real estate and results in a wonderful client experience.


Abigail earned an Associates degree from Morris County College in Morristown, NJ. In addition to this, Abigail makes sure to attend weekly trainings, keep up woth local real estate news, and monitor economic conditions in order to keep up with the ever changing real estate industry. This collection of knowledge and experience allows her to provide a great experience for her clients.

Real Estate Experience

Abigail is a Queens real estate expert and has been licensed with New York State since 2010. In her several years as a Queens Realtor, she has sold over 200 homes. Abigail has dealt with all types of transactions ranging from Coop, Condos, Single Families, Multi Families, and Vacant Land. Abigail holds a strong belief that real estate sits at the core of a free-enterprise economy and a nation of opportunity for individuals. She understands this and works tirelessly to make sure that her clients make well informed decisions that help them accomplish their long term goals.

Interests & Hobbies

Abigail loves to travel, dance, and watch tv. When she’s not selling real estate, you can probably catch her hanging out, eating & drinking with her Husband somewhere in Queens 🙂

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