Northridge Cooperative East Elmhurst/Jackson Heights

The Northridge Coop development consists of three unique cooperative corporations in Jackson Heights/East Elmhurst. The three corporations were originally all together but eventually they split into three independently operated cooperations. These became known as Northridge section 1, Northridge section 2, and Northridge section 3. All buildings were built in the 1950’s. The Northridge coops are […]

Birchwood Towers Forest Hills NY

Birchwood Towers is one of the most highly sought after coop developments in Forest Hills Queens. The development consists of three sister high rise buildings, the Belaire, the Toledo, and the Kyoto. Built in the 1960’s these three mid-century buildings all share similar architecture, similar apt layouts, and similar amenities. The Bel Air The Bel […]

Food for Thought regarding Co op Board Rejections in Queens NY

Food for Thought regarding Co op Board Rejections in Queens NY, by Robert Kaplan, P.C., Queens Real Estate Attorney with 25+ years experience. Current law states that, absent discrimination, a co op board may decline a purchaser and is not obligated to give a reason. Such cases are rare but it may be helpful to […]