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Last month one of the biggest things we learned had to do with selling your home at an older age. What we mean by that is that we learned what can happen and what the selling process looks like if you wait to long to sell your house.

We recently closed two transactions with seller clients who were both in their 80’s. What we saw first hand is that if you wait that long, it’s almost as if you can get trapped in your own home because while you may have every desire to sell, the process itself becomes so overwhelming that it is really hard to get the ball rolling.

Once you finally decide to initiate the selling process, then everything from preparing, to de-cluttering, to sorting through items, choosing things to keep and things to get rid of, etc. all become daunting tasks. And once you’re ready to hit the market, then you have the process of showing, negotiating, inspections, planning for the next move, etc.

Ultimately, what we realized is that it is much better to sell your house while you are still healthy and active, that way the process itself isn’t as daunting, and you are young enough to deal with all the complexities of the transaction.

One of our clients actually bought a house at the same time as they were selling and that whole process only added more stress and anxiety to the transition. The other client rented an apt in New Jersey so her transition was a little smoother. Renting is our most common suggestion because it allows you to test out the new area you’re moving to, and it doesn’t add in the stress of buying something at the same time.

Fortunately both of our clients are very happy in their new places 😀. After we closed, both sellers told us “I should have done this sooner”. We asked one of them, “if you could go back, when do you think you would have sold?”. His answer, “I think you should be in the place you plan to live out the rest of your life by the time your 70, this way you can handle the move and the sale while you’re still strong enough to do so, and you have enough time to enjoy your golden years in your new place.”

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