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George Herrera is a co-owner, listing specialist, and licensed real estate agent with the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty Landmark II. As a listing agent on the team, George is responsible for ensuring that every seller client he works with receives the superior level of service they deserve. George understands that selling real estate in Queens can be overwhelming and down right stressful at at times so he draws on his vast experience to make sure his clients price their homes well, get the best price & terms possible, and ultimately make it to the closing table with minimal hassle.

If you ever have a chance to meet George, the first thing you’ll notice is his professionalism and expertise. George really does care about the people he consults, and he likes to give them advice the same advice he would if they were a close friend or family member. He studies the real estate market daily so he is someone you can always count on for market trends, forecasts, statistics, etc. As with all QHT members, George always does the right thing, no matter how it affects him or the team. Rest assured, if you decide to work with Chris, you’ll be in good hands, with an agent who cares!

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George’s specialty is without a doubt in working with homeowners, home sellers, and developers. George has always been a listing agent so every single one of his deals has been on the seller side. As a result, George has grown into a pricing, marketing, and negotiation expert. George has sold all types of properties from Coops, Condos, Single Families, Multi Families, New Construction, Vacant Land, Commercial and Mixed use buildings in Queens.

Work History

George entered the real estate industry in 2008 after graduating from college. During his time at the University of Houston and for a few years following, George worked as a pre-school teacher, math tutor, and professional dancer. Immediately after graduating from the University of Houston, George began working with Keller Williams Realty as a Finance and Operations Manager (2008). After 5 years of working for the company as an employee, he decided to join his wife Abigail Herrera to start what is now know as the Queens Home Team. All of George’s past work experience has invloved helping people in one way or another. His experience as a teacher and tutor have prepared George to educate the consumers he meets day in and day out. All of this work experience along with the fact that George studys all things Queens has helped him offer tremendous value to his clients and customers.


George holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from the University of Houston. George has also completed the entire curriculum of Keller Williams University and is a Certified Negotiation Expert. In addition to this, George makes sure to attend at least two training events per week and reads one book a month to make sure that he is keeping up to date with the ever changing real estate industry in NYC. This collection of knowledge and experience allows George to provide a great experience for his clients.

Real Estate Experience

George is a Queens real estate expert with over 10 years experience and more than 200 transactions closed. Real estate is the only full time career George has ever known so he is a student of the industry, has a passion for the business, and more importantly, enjoya helping people. George is committed to learning everything there is to know about Queens real estate so he is constantly reading, attending trainings, and staying up to date with economic news that impacts our market. As a result, George’s advice can be some of the best real estate advice you can get here in Queens.

Interests and Hobbies

George enjoys traveling, dancing, playing sports, and listening to music. Aside from these interests, George is also very passionate about business, real estate investing, and personal development. When he’s not selling real estate, you can probably catch him walking around Astoria and eating with his wife at a sidewalk cafe 🙂

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