Showings for Buyers working with Agents

Here in Queens, the common practice is for buyer agents to escort their own buyers when they show a property that is listed on the MLS. The listing agent is typically not there if another agent is showing so in order to access the property, a buyer broker will have to pick up the keys, receive a lockbox code, or be granted access by the homeowner or tenants (if occupied).

Some Queens homeowners will require for the listing agent to be present at all showings but for the most part agents tend to escort their buyers on their own.

Showings for Buyers not working with Agents

As for direct buyers (i.e. Buyers not working with an agent), they are usually escorted by the listing agent or one of the listing agent’s Associates. Most of the time the listing agent and/or their team will have their own list of buyers who may be interested as well so they will usually get direct buyers requesting showings in addition to their own buyers. Either way, the showings for these buyers are typically handled in the same way whereby the listing agent or their Associates will show and escort them through the property.

How we Handle Showings

Our team typically follows Queens’ common practice when it comes to showings on our listings. In other words, when agents call to show one of our listings, we coordinate the appt based on our client’s instructions, and then the agent goes to the property and escorts their buyer(s) personally. We are not typically there for agent showings unless it is requested by our client.

As for direct buyers, when a buyer who is not working with an agent contacts our team to view one of our listings, we coordinate the appointment based on our client’s instructions, and then we go to the property and escorts the buyer(s) personally.

The reason why we follow common practice protocol is because it is the best way to ensure easy accessibility of the home. In our experience, when we are required to be at every showing, it usually makes the property harder to show and limits accessibility. In our opinion, the best way to get top dollar is to get buyers in to the house as soon as they inquire, this way no potential buyer is lost.

With that said, whenever one of our clients requests for us to be at every showing, we are happy to oblige. We do whatever we have to do to make our sellers feel comfortable with the showing process.

Hope this gives you some insight into the way showings work here in Queens. If you have any questions regarding showings, or if you just need some real estate advice, feel free to Contact Us anytime 🙂