How much Money do I need to put down to buy a Property in Queens?

One of the questions that we get a lot from Queens homebuyers is, How much do I need to put down?” This question is most common among first-time homebuyers. As a first time buyer, you’re probably excited because you’ve been saving for a while and now you’re wondering if you have enough to buy a […]

How do Buyer Agents get Paid in Queens?

One of the questions that we get a lot from Queens homebuyers is “how do you get paid?” This is a common question and very understandable since this may be a buyer’s first home purchase. Here we will give you kind a breakdown of how buyer agents are typically compensated and what common practice is […]

Why should I work with just one Agent?

One of the questions that we get a lot from Queens homebuyers is, “Why should I use just one agent?” Now, there are different schools of thought on this but here we will give you our professional opinion and perspective as to why we think it is important to work with just one agent when […]

Which Month is best to sell your House in Queens

This is something that comes up a lot during our consultations with Queens homeowners, and while it may seem like a simple answer (Spring/Summer) the truth is that the Fall & Winter offer other benefits like less competition which can help you get more or better offers because you’re not up against so many more […]

Can’t you just show me Properties?

One of the questions that we get from Queens homebuyers when they’re starting out in their in their house hunt is, can’t you just show me houses? On an initial home buying conversation, a good agent will ask you what you’re looking for, get an idea of your timeline, and more often than not, they […]

Learning Lessons from our 2019 Sales

2019 was a great year, we were able to help 59 families accomplish their real estate goals, and we are very grateful for each and every client. This many sales does not come without it’s bumps in the road however, and our goal is to learn from every transaction so that we can continue to […]

How long will it take to close when you buy a home in Queens NY?

One of the questions that we tend to get a lot from Queens homebuyers, especially when we meet them for the first time, is how long will it take me to close? Once you find a property you like, negotiate an accepted offer, and go into contract, you will probably be wondering how long it […]

Working with a Team vs Working with a Solo Agent

We meet with home buyers and sellers everyday, and one of the questions that many people ask us is “what’s the difference between working with a team and working with a solo agent?” As you can imagine there are several differences in how things are handled when you work with a team vs how things […]

14 Steps to Buying a Home in Queens NY

If you’re looking to buy a house in Queens, then these are the 14 steps you can expect to encounter along the way. Some steps may vary depending on the type of property you buy, but in general these are the steps you can expect as you begin your home buying journey in Queens NY. […]