7 Don’ts once you go Under Contract

If you’re in the market to buy a property, or if you have already found a place and are in contract, then these are the things you should definitely NOT do while you are under contract. We’ve seen deals die when buyers do any of the following things, so once you are under contract, make sure you are wary of all seven of these items. (Tramadol)

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1. Don’t change your Employment Status

2. Don’t Make any Major Purchases (Cars, Furniture, Home Theater, Vacation, etc.)

3. Don’t Increase your Credit Card Debt or Miss any Payments

4. Don’t Change Bank Accounts or Make Undisclosed Large Deposits

5. Don’t Apply for a Credit Card, Co-Sign a Loan, or make a Credit Inquiry

6. Don’t Spend Money you have Set Aside for Closing

7. Don’t Delay in Providing all Paperwork asked for by your Mortgage Company

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