Is Now a Good Time to Buy in Queens?

With social distancing being an important part of life at the moment and so many parts of the economy suffering the effects of state lockdowns, some are worried about how all of this will affect the Queens housing market. This is especially a concern for those who were hoping to buy a new property and […]

Pre Approval vs Pre Qualification (Queens, NY)

By Sonia Martinez, licensed real estate salesperson and top buyer agent in Queens NY. So, after many months or even years of dreaming, you have finally come to the decision that you are ready to take the leap and now you want to go from being a renter to being a homeowner! Great! Smart decision! […]

When does the Home Inspection take place in Queens NYC?

Today we’re answering a question that we get on occasion from Queens home buyers and sellers, especially when this is their first time buying or selling a property in NY. The question we’re talking about is, “When does the home inspection happen here in Queens?”. So when does the inspection happen here in Queens? First […]

What does an Accepted Offer mean in Queens NY?

Today we wanted to touch on something that we hear a lot of, and sometimes buyers and sellers are not one hundred percent clear on what this term actually means. So, here we will break it down and give you an idea so that you understand exactly what this term means here in in Queens. […]

What listings do you have?

One of the questions that we tend to get from from home buyers here in Queens is, “what listings do you have”? When a buyer calls in and speaks to one of our team members, one of the first things that they usually ask us is what listings do you have? In our experience, this […]

How much Money do I need to put down to buy a Property in Queens?

One of the questions that we get a lot from Queens homebuyers is, How much do I need to put down?” This question is most common among first-time homebuyers. As a first time buyer, you’re probably excited because you’ve been saving for a while and now you’re wondering if you have enough to buy a […]

How do Buyer Agents get Paid in Queens?

One of the questions that we get a lot from Queens homebuyers is “how do you get paid?” This is a common question and very understandable since this may be a buyer’s first home purchase. Here we will give you kind a breakdown of how buyer agents are typically compensated and what common practice is […]

Why should I work with just one Agent?

One of the questions that we get a lot from Queens homebuyers is, “Why should I use just one agent?” Now, there are different schools of thought on this but here we will give you our professional opinion and perspective as to why we think it is important to work with just one agent when […]

Can’t you just show me Properties?

One of the questions that we get from Queens homebuyers when they’re starting out in their in their house hunt is, can’t you just show me houses? On an initial home buying conversation, a good agent will ask you what you’re looking for, get an idea of your timeline, and more often than not, they […]

How long will it take to close when you buy a home in Queens NY?

One of the questions that we tend to get a lot from Queens homebuyers, especially when we meet them for the first time, is how long will it take me to close? Once you find a property you like, negotiate an accepted offer, and go into contract, you will probably be wondering how long it […]