Queens Real Estate Market Report: MAY 2017

May 2017 Market Update As we mentioned last month, the market is changing a little, but listings are still moving and selling for high prices in general. Interest rates came down again so that spurred some new activity in the market. Right now we’re noticing that different neighborhoods are getting different reactions depending on their […]

Which Month is Best to Sell a House in Queens?

“Which Month is Best to Sell a House in Queens”, by George Herrera, Realtor & Co-Owner of the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty. This is something that comes up a lot during our consultations with Queens homeowners, and while it may seem like a simple answer (Spring/Summer) the truth is that the Fall […]

Northridge Cooperative East Elmhurst/Jackson Heights

The Northridge Coop development consists of three unique cooperative corporations in Jackson Heights/East Elmhurst. The three corporations were originally all together but eventually they split into three independently operated cooperations. These became known as Northridge section 1, Northridge section 2, and Northridge section 3. All buildings were built in the 1950’s. The Northridge coops are […]

Who does your Queens Real Estate Agent work for?

“Who does your Queens Real Estate Agent work for?”, by Duane Egyud, Realtor & Buyer Specialist with the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty. Who does your agent work for? Do you know? If your a seller, it is pretty much a straight forward understanding. You know who your agent works for. He works […]

Birchwood Towers Forest Hills NY

Birchwood Towers is one of the most highly sought after coop developments in Forest Hills Queens. The development consists of three sister high rise buildings, the Belaire, the Toledo, and the Kyoto. Built in the 1960’s these three mid-century buildings all share similar architecture, similar apt layouts, and similar amenities. The Bel Air The Bel […]

5 Queens Mansions you Have to See to Believe

“5 Queens Mansions you have to See to Believe”, courtesy of the Queens Home Team at  Keller Williams Realty.  Luxury living is not hard to find in Queens, although the neighborhoods where you can find mansions are much fewer than those where you can find typical detached colonials and attached rowhouses. Anyone who knows Queens […]

Queens Real Estate Market Report: APRIL 2017

Queens real estate market report: April 2017 April 2017 Market Update The first quarter of 2017 has definitely been interesting. It’s the first time in a while that we’re actually seeing a shift in demand, and while that can be a little unsettling, it also signifies a change that can lead to opportunities in the […]