Understanding the Loan Estimate Form

Shopping for a house can be stressful, but choosing a loan has the potential to be just as bad. There’s a lot to know, a small window in which to figure it all out and a 30 year commitment to a loan product that might just not be right for you for to worry about. […]

5 Secrets to Success with your First Rental Property

You’ve been a homeowner for a while now and overall, everything’s gone pretty well. Your home is a comforting, safe place that has given more than it has taken — you’re pretty happy with how that purchase has gone, really. That’s why when your friend was talking about the frightening amount of rent he’s paying […]

Queens Real Estate Market Report: AUGUST 2018

Queens Real Estate Market Report August 2018, provided by the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty Landmark II. Need help? Feel free to Contact Us anytime. Market Snapshot We have officially begun the second half of the year and the story has remained the same for most of 2018. In July, home sales remained pretty flat compared […]

Home Maintenance Reminder: Pest and Insect Inspection

Look for Creepy Crawlers Termites and other insects aren’t just annoying to have in your home. They can cause real damage to the structure. A regular inspection of your property by a pro can head off at the pass any problems before they become too serious. A routine inspection of the interior of your home, […]