How to Choose the Best List Price for your Queens Home

Pricing a home correctly is a critical factor in the success of a real estate transaction. In the Queens market, there are common misconceptions among home sellers regarding pricing strategies. This blog post aims to shed light on these misconceptions and emphasize the significance of pricing a property at or around its market value. 1. […]

What should you do to Prepare for Showings of your Queens Home?

Selling a home in Queens can be an exciting yet challenging process. One of the crucial aspects of successfully attracting potential Queens Home buyers is ensuring that your home is presented in its best light during showings. The impression your home makes on prospective buyers can significantly impact their decision-making. To help you prepare, we’ve […]

What Nobody Tells you About Selling a Coop in Queens NY

We sell a lot of properties here in Queens, and being that we’re in New York City, a lot of them tend to be Coops. Whenever we meet with first time Coop sellers, we always let them know, selling a Coop in Queens NY is a whole different animal. There are so many intricacies and […]

Home Inspection Phase in Queens NY

When it comes to purchasing real estate in Queens NY, the home inspection phase holds significant importance. Unlike other parts of the country, home inspections in Queens typically take place prior to attorney involvement, contract signing, etc. Understanding the unique steps involved in this process can help both buyers and sellers navigate it effectively, ensuring […]

What is a Sale Contingency and How Common are they in Queens?

In the dynamic world of real estate, buyers and sellers often encounter various terms and conditions that can significantly impact the outcome of a transaction. One such condition that Queens home sellers should be aware of is the sale contingency. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what a sale contingency is and highlight the […]